Take the reigns of a small company and grow it into an industrial and financial empire

Gather resources by building farms; mines, oil and gas wells and many more. Trade resources and products with other towns influenced by the most advanced A.I. ever created for a tycoon game.

Gathering & Harvesting

and more ...


From the most basic materials there will be a wide range of products you can manufacture and ship to towns. Keep the economy moving and keep the masses needs fulfilled.
Want to make some citizens happy with brand new cars? Great! You just need a factory, some engines, tires and frames. Where do you get that? Well, you're going to need some other factories to make it out of metal and rubber, right? Where do you get that? Maybe a refinery and some smelters and ... Well, you get the idea.


Facilitate the transportation of both raw and finished products at every stage of production with the help of conveyor belts, pipes. trucks, trains, ships, and even zeppelins. Each move of travel has it's own advantages and drawbacks, and it's up to you to sort this logistics puzzle.

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