Frequently Asked Questions

We know you want to get as much information as possible about Project Automata, and sometimes it can be tough to keep track of all the posts, videos and social media announcements we make. So we’ve compiled (and keep updated!) a list of the questions we get asked most frequently.

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Q: Why are you doing an Early-Access Alpha?
A: We are extremely excited to have you test the game as soon as possible. Not to mention we need your feedback to make sure we’re doing the best possible game we can!

Q: If I back the game during Early-Access, will I have to re-purchase the release version?
A: Nope. Once you’ve backed the project, you’ll have purchased Project Automata for life.

Q: Can I make videos / stream Project Automata during Early Access?
A: Absolutely. All we ask is that you reference back to our Website / Steam page to help promote the game.

Q: What operating systems are supported?
A: Officially we only support Windows, however we will also include Mac & Linux versions of the game. We sadly though won’t be able to provide full technical support for these platforms, but we will continue to update and resolve any issues that arise.

Q: What are the hardware specifications of the game?
A: We don’t have any information about the specifications required to run the game at this time.

Q: Will I be able to get a Steam Key if I support it through Kickstarter?
A: Of course!

Q: Will the game feature Online / LAN gameplay?
A: Due to the massive amount of development & design needed, Online / LAN will be part of a Stretch Goal.

Q: Does Project Automata support Mods?
A: Player customisation is a incredibly important. We will allow you all kind of modding. Even Steam Workshop as soon as possible!

Q: How much will the game cost once fully released?
A: We’re not yet ready to announce a final price.

Q: What is the estimated date that Project Automata will be completed?
A: We don’t yet have a final date, however we’re working full time on the project to ensure we can get it into your hands fully completed as soon as possible! We have no intention of rushing this game out the door. Quality is our top concern, as we want to feel proud to put our individual names on a polished and fun experience.

Q: Can I get involved in helping the team with Project Automata?
A: We’re always looking to bring passionate and creative individual members into the team. Check out our Careers Page for more information.

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