About Us

We at “Dapper Penguin Studios” believe that video games are an emotional and personal medium, not just a simple past time. We dedicate our very souls in making the best possible simulation games, trying to resurrect a genre that seems forgotten in the last few years. Having gathered industry veterans (former Blizzard and Trion employees, with decades of combined experience), we strive in providing an unforgettable and enjoyable experiences with enough strategic complexity and replayability to satisfy the most experienced lovers of the genre, while its user friendly mechanics ensure that new players will love it as well.

“Rise of Industry”, our first big project, is the pinnacle of what growing in the 90’s provided, with endless nights playing tycoon games. With its success, we plan on paving the way to an increasing stream of quality simulation and tycoon games, for all ages, preferences and backgrounds.


Alessandro Mochi

Job Role: C.E.O, Designer & Producer

Fun Fact: Cereals go after milk.

Video games are my love, and designing them is my passion, used as a medium to transmit and evoke emotions.

Kenneth Ellersdorfer

Job Role: Lead Programmer

Website: Kennux

Former application programmer, turned passionate gamer and game programmer.


Michał Ciaszczyk

Job Role: Programmer

 Polish-American musician and programmer, Grew up on Impressions, Anno, and Tropico and want to spread that joy.


Marien Van Der Lely

Job Role: Lead Artist

Website: Marien Lely

I’m an UI/UX designer originally from the Netherlands, grew up in the US, then moved back to the Netherlands. In my spare time I’m usually gaming & playing soccer.

B.J. Timberlake

Job Role: 3D Modeller

Just your friendly passionate artist guy making worlds out of blocks. One polygon at a time


Luke Letch

Job Role: 3D Modeller

Can I say “Lover of all things 3D and the occasional beer in the sun”?

Special thanks to:

Alec ‘Hyve’ Weekes – Web Developer & Producer

Immanuel – Programmer

Bjorn Kaae – Programmer

Michael Sloan – Writer & Designer

James Moore – Marketing

Jenifyr Kaiser – Marketing

Andrew Russell Trahan – Music & Sound Design

Vivian Truong – 2D & Concept Artist

Carson Smith – 3D Artist

Shenice Alexander – Junior 3D Artist

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