Alpha 2.0 Released!

Hi fellow industrialists and welcome to the latest Rise of Industry blog post!

Following unbelievable feedback from the press at Gamescom, we are now very pleased to announce that Alpha 2 is now available to play! We’ll explain all the new features and we’ve even thrown in a video to show off all the great things we’ve added to the update.


Rise of Industry @ Gamescom 2017

Rise of Industry went on tour to Cologne, Germany where we presented Alpha 2 to many members of the press who were all very impressed with the depth of gameplay and quality of a game this early in development.

One of the biggest strategy gamers on YouTube, Quill18, also dropped by to take a look at the game and we were thrilled with his reaction. As huge fans of his, it was a special moment to demonstrate our little game to him and hear his thoughts – which we are proud to say were all glowing!!!

So, what’s new in Alpha 2?


So many improvements have been added to make Rise of Industry and even better game:


  • Revamped graphics (lighting system, overall feel and mood, texture colors)
  • Wavy terrain, new trees with rocks
  • Lakes and Forests
  • New resources on water: oil and fish
  • New particles for land oil and gas
  • New logistics AI
  • New trucks, showing what they carry
  • Tunnels and bridges
  • New offshore buildings
  • New farm field models
  • Scaling UI
  • New options
  • In-game recipe book
  • Changes to destination panel
  • Changes to route panel
  • Hotkeys for quicksave, panels, roads, etc

How do I play?

We’re glad you asked! Even though the game is going to be hitting Steam Early Access in early in 2018, you can still get involved by purchasing the Alpha version now from our site now (This will be transferred to Steam on Early Access Release). The game is super stable and very polished even at this stage in development.

We want to make Rise of Industry the best game it can be so by getting as much feedback as possible at this early stage, we can can hit the ground running when the time for Steam comes.

We hope you enjoy the game and choose to support us in developing the best industrial tycoon game in decades.

Purchase the game here!

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