Rise of Industry is finally here!

Greetings fellow industrialists from all of us here at Dapper Penguin Studio. We are very proud to announce that our industrial tycoon game Rise of Industry (formerly known as Project Automata) is shifting into full Alpha!

Yep, you heard us right. We managed to tame the evil robots and fend off the (mostly) evil publishers, to bring you the Alpha in all its industrial goodness. It’s still in alpha, so it still has a few rough edges, but we wanted to give all of our fans and new players a chance to see all the work we’ve put into the game.

What’s With the New Name? We’re glad you asked! Project Automata was always a working name and was never really intended to be the final game title. This is fairly common practice in the industry –  Grand Theft Auto was once called Race’n’Chase, Pac-Man was originally titled Puck Man, even the beloved Halo had several bizarre names in development including, our favorite, Monkey Nuts, Blam! So, there you go, a little gaming history and a great answer to the burning question on everyone’s mind. Welcome to Rise of Industry!

New factory models

What’s New

If you played last year’s tech demo and want to know what’s new in this build, then read on friends.  We have been busy little bees here and, despite some unique challenges, we’ve really made some awesome changes and improvements.

  • Models have improved dramatically and, although not all are completely textured yet, you can play with them!
  • Trains are now in the game, which adds a whole new way to get your goods from place to place
  • Town behaviours have been greatly modified and improved
  • Game performance has been improved, allowing for much bigger maps
  • You now have the ability to save and load games
  • Last but not least, many bugs gave their lives to bring us this update…

Polygon smoke

Upcoming Features

We’ve done a lot of work on the game, but we are far from done. We remain committed to the development of Rise of Industry and we have lots of new features and improvements coming soon. Here is just a taste of what’s on the way:

  • Rich story based single player campaign
  • Custom Scenario Editor
  • Advanced economic A.I.
  • Procedurally generated maps with different biomes
  • Complex and engaging supply chain simulation
  • Environmental consequences, i.e. pollution, waste, and deforestation
  • Cooperative and competitive Multiplayer
  • Modding API


You can purchase the Alpha version now from our itch.io site using the link to the left or click here. If you’re not quite sure if you want to invest in the game, that’s okay. You can still download and try the demo for free. You’ll find download links for the demo on the same itch.io page as the Alpha. We hope you enjoy the game and choose to support us in developing the best industrial tycoon game in decades.

Factory UI panels


We want all of our steadfast fans to know how much we truly appreciate your patience and assistance. The game wouldn’t be possible without you. And, to all our new players, welcome, and thanks for stopping by. We hope you will join us on our wacky adventure to make RoI the best game it can be.

We encourage everyone to play the new alpha and let us know what you think. We welcome constructive criticism and we love bug reports since they help us make a better game. Check out the forums and swing on over to our Discord channel to chat us up anytime.

Until next time – Keep building!


11 responses to “Rise of Industry is finally here!”

  1. Azarhiel says:

    Yes !!
    Seems like it is an insta buy for me 🙂

  2. brunzenstein says:

    Why not make it available to buy it DRM free directly from the developers website?

    • Alex 'Mal' says:

      It already is DRM free!

      • brunzenstein says:

        To offer RoI right from the developers site would cut out the middle men who take quite a chunk of the revenue.

        • Alex 'Mal' says:

          The “middle man” (itch.io) is actually saving us money in bandwidth, storage and even doing some marketing and promotion for us. It would be stupid to do everything alone

  3. brunzenstein says:

    True enough if resources are scare – but as the example “Factorio” tells (a very tiny shop) it could work out well. Especially if you fall in the tap of fraudulent accounts with a supplier. That can cost a small company dearly.

  4. brunzenstein says:

    You have a few robust marketings stops:

    – Your user forum, a vital point to interest & win new customers, is not active, not supported by announcing recent news and neither especially attractive to look at or participate.
    – the user forum is from design (still using the dead name “Automata”) and color not RoI CI consistent
    – one has to register and log in separately even if he has bought the game. A customer is not recognised.
    – your currently available on x different blogs under different names on many platforms. This inconsistency is giving you a lot of unnecessary workload at the same shying away even strong supported of yours like me.

  5. RON says:

    Is there a tutorial in the game??

    • Alex 'Mal' says:

      There has always been a help panel (top right). The full, interactive tutorial is planned for Alpha 7 – 5th April

  6. john says:

    i had to reistall my computer and i lost my ROI how do i get it back

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