Roadmap to the Future

Hello again fellow industrialists and welcome to another riveting Project Automata blog post! We are still chugging away here at the studio and we thought you all might like a little update on our progress. Most of the development continues to be on the less visually interesting portions of the game, but we do have one new building model to share with you.

Orchard farm concept model

Development Challenges

Rest assured, we are still hard at work on developing the game, but things have slowed down a bit. Unfortunately most of the team members have burned through their savings and had to find supplemental employment. While this helps with things like paying the rent and buying food, it has the unfortunate effect of taking away precious development hours.

We have thought long and hard about solutions to this challenge. Our first instinct was to bring in a team of robots to make the game. Sadly they tried to take over, first the creative process, then the whole world. In the end we had to admit this was not our best idea ever and destroyed them. The battle was epic.

Our next thought was to bring in a publisher to help with the financial and marketing end of things. Unfortunately we’ve had much the same problems with them as we did with the evil robots. We haven’t given up on that front however, and negotiations continue. We would love to find a publisher that will help us get the game to where it needs to be without forcing the game down a path to the dark side. Until then we will continue development, albeit at a much slower pace than we would like.

In addition to finding a publisher, we will be running another Kickstarter campaign sometime in April 2017. We also plan to go into Early Access on Steam at some point later as well. With luck we will be more successful this time around and development can speed up a bit.


Lewis Carroll once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Well, we definitely know where we are going and how to get there. At this point it’s just a matter of how long the journey takes. Our public roadmap is available now for all to see and, while we are not promising any of the features listed there, we do feel that we have a solid plan to make most, if not all, of it happen.

Check out our Public Roadmap and please feel free to comment in the Roadmap & Features section of our forums. We welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas.

Thanks again to all of our amazing (and patient) fans. We hope you will stick with us as we forge ahead on this incredible adventure. Until next time – keep building!

11 responses to “Roadmap to the Future”

  1. Happy husband says:

    Woot woot a Public Roadmap ! How many players can play in Multiplayer mode ? When you guys get on steam, will there be a workshop enable >? Keep up the good work guys

    • Alex 'Mal' says:

      We will aim for 8 per map (very big maps), and of course workshop is important for us! Modding and custom scenarios 🙂

  2. Peter Pure says:

    Good luck with your next Kickstarter campaign.
    I will certainly support it.
    But next time please send e-mail if something happens.

  3. lagavulin says:

    Hi, just found your game on a youtube channel, and i really enjoy the demo! i’m so hurry to see what’s comming next!
    wish you good luck for development\work.. waiting for your next kick starter!

  4. Pete4live says:

    Seems pretty good! I will support the Kickstarter if possible.

  5. Pete4live says:


  6. parachutingturtle says:

    Keep it up! I believe in you! You can do the thing! 🙂
    It’s nice to see a relatively detailed roadmap, not many devs do that.

  7. Would you consider opening up a donation link? I would contribute, perhaps multiple times, if it meant that

    1) I had some say in the direction of the game
    2) I got to play more frequent alpha updates
    3) Some credit went to me or a friend
    4) Some source code was made available (so I could help)
    5) I got some share of the future profits

    I realize that you hope to profit from this one day, so it’s hard to give some things up. But please consider us as investors, even if we are fans and fellow programmers.

  8. Steve says:

    Just played the demo. Fantastic work so far. Really looking forward to an updated demo and a release.

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