New year, new post!

Hello again fellow industrialists and welcome back! We hope you all had an amazing holiday season and are as excited as we are about the future of Project Automata. We’ve been busy little bees here in the studio and have some exciting updates coming soon that we’d love to share with you.


All Aboard the Code Train

As we shared before the holidays, most of our work is focused on integrating and polishing new features for the game, primarily the train system. A veritable ton of code goes into making them work correctly; sadly that doesn’t give us a lot of flashy images to share. That said, we have made some interface updates that we think are pretty cool and we have one of the Trade Route interface screens to share with you today. Hope it’s simple enough to understand and use without a dedicated tutorial. Green icons represent products that will be loaded on that station, while red mean “unload here”. Grey products will stay on the train. In the future, we’ll have a minimap on the side of this panel, so you can click and drag your routes, but for now, you’ll have to choose the destinations from a list, like in the demo.


New and Improved

Our art department has been hard at work on some of the new building models. These are going to be much larger and complex than anything we’ve had in the game up to this point. We have an amazing core game with solid mechanics and once the new features and models are integrated the game will hit a whole new level of awesome.


When Can We Play the Darned Thing?

We can’t wait to share the next alpha build with you, but we won’t release it until it’s ready. Rest assured that are working diligently to bring you the most stable and beautiful version of the game to date.

We feel that the alpha release should be of the highest quality. You’ve been waiting for quite some time and we really don’t want to shove something sub-par on the market. That’s our philosophy and that’s how we plan to bring you the penultimate tycoon game. In the past few months we redesigned many elements of the engine and gameplay, perfecting performance, the town AI, adding new transportation methods, etc. All this is very difficult and slow with such a small team working on our spare time and without any budget, so we need to beg you to wait a little bit more. 

Thank you all for your continued patience and support. Keep your eyes on our blog and forum pages for more updates coming soon. Until next time – keep building!


12 responses to “New year, new post!”

  1. igor says:

    Will there be a notification mail about the new alpha?

  2. pastuh says:

    Looks good 🙂

  3. Willem says:

    Like it sofar. Cant wait to be able to save my game. Starting over and over again is no fun. I’ll wait until the save option is available. I do want to buy this game if it is priced reasonably 😉

    • Alex 'Mal' says:

      Very soon! We confirmed the save system works fine, and the price will be around 15€, so don’t worry, we’re not greedy 🙂

      • Peter Pure says:

        Sorry to say this, but 15€ very high in this state.
        This is my personal opinion.
        I would pay 4.90€ to 7.90€ with good heart.

        • Alex 'Mal' says:

          Sorry you feel this way. Hopefully all the new content will show that it’s worth it. If not, you can wait a bit for even more content

  4. Pete4live says:


  5. Jay says:

    By the amount of work and time you guys put in this project, I can tell that this will be an awesome game! It’s always better to deliver a full finished package instead of multiple rushed packages. I can’t wait to play the next alpha! 😀

  6. Chris says:

    Biffa preview your game. I love sim games and building games! I don’t see where you buy it at? I hope you get it on Steam. I don’t really care if you guys stop working on it or not. The game Biffa preview was enough for me. I really like supporting game devs.

    • Alex 'Mal' says:

      Hi, thanks for your kind words. The game should be available in just a few weeks. Putting the final touches before we release the public alpha!

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