Development Continues!

Hello again fellow industrialists! We are a roughly a month post-Kickstarter and the development continues. We have adopted a somewhat more measured and deliberate pace however, so updates might not be quite as fast and furious as they have been in recent months. The important thing is that we are still plugging away at the new models and implementing new and awesome features we know you will all love.


We’ve Been Working on the Railroad…

Just like the old song says, we’ve been working all the live long day to bring one of the most requested new features to life in the game. We are proud to say that we’ve had some great progress. We have a good portion of the code in place and to prove it we have this lovely animated image for you. Enjoy!

Trains Working!


New and Improved!

For the full alpha build of the game we want to have all new models for the factories, farms, and town buildings. Our art team has worked quite a bit on creating much larger and more detailed models; their hard work is definitely paying off.

New and improved Farm


UI’s Are Important Too

We’re also working to improve the look and feel of the UI system and implementing alerts that will help you pinpoint trouble spots and put out the fires… sometimes literally!


New UI and Alerts


Over Hill and Dale

The original landscape was functional and cute, but we are stepping it up a ton with a whole new color palette and improved terrain generation of mountains and rivers. This will give our new building models a beautiful place to reside and will fit with the more realistic style.


Improved Landscapes


Well, that’s it for this update. Thank you all for your patience and continued support of Project Automata. You never gave up on us and we will never give up on you or our game, so stay tuned for more exciting new updates in the weeks and months ahead.

We always love to hear from our fans, so be sure to let us know what you think in our subreddit.

Thanks, and until next time… keep building!

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