The Show Must Go On!

Hello again fellow industrialists! This week we are going to talk a little more about upcoming features.

Shopping Spree

Say goodbye to the old supply and demand model, because shops are coming soon! This new feature is currently in development and will completely change the way players interact with towns. Rather than selling directly to the town center, players will now sell to various shops and stores that are built by the town A.I..

If a town has enough prosperity it will build different types of shops depending on the needs of the town. Each shop will accept certain kinds of goods, but not always the same specific goods. For example, a grocery store will always accept food, but might not accept bread because the town doesn’t need it at that time. Conversely, if the town needs more bread than the grocery can provide, the town will build a second store with an additional demand for bread.

This new feature will create a much more challenging and detailed economic structure that will keep players constantly guessing and changing their strategies.

Here are a few of the different types of stores we have planned:

  • Grocery Store – Buys products from Food factories and Breweries
  • DIY Store – Buys raw materials as well as products from Smelters and Petrochemical plants
  • Home Goods Shop – Buys products from Furniture factories, Smelters and Petrochemical plants
  • Clothier – Buys products from Textile factories
  • Many more to come!

The Train Game

We are still working hard on designing the train system that will be available in the full alpha version. We have focused a lot on the train models themselves and the stations, but also on the track system. We feel that laying track should be intuitive and not distract from the core gameplay.


Train concept art

We already have some great concept art and 3D models of the train engines and carriages for the various technology tiers, so our next step is working on the logic and coding of the trains and stations. When the full alpha version of the game launches later this quarter you’ll be able to zip your goods around the map in style!

Looking Ahead

Well fellow industrialists, the Kickstarter campaign for Project Automata is officially over. Sadly we didn’t hit our goals, but this is definitely not the end for us. We are staying positive and focused on the future of the game and of our company. We learned some great lessons and we know that our next attempt will be a huge success.

In the meantime we have lots of work to do on the next version of the game. Money will be tight for our team, so we are making a few changes, tightening our belts, and moving forward. We are dedicated to finishing it the right way and giving you all a game you will love for years to come.

We want to express our heartfelt and sincere thanks to everyone who backed the game. You showed us that a great deal of people really love Project Automata and want to see it finished. We didn’t hit our goals this time but, as they say, the show must go on, and so it shall. We will keep you all in the loop about our progress as we continue marching toward full alpha.


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  1. scott says:

    will there be hard copys to buy?

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