Greenlight and Kickstarter ahoy!

Hello again fellow industrialists! What an exciting week we’ve had over here at Dapper Penguin Studios. We went live on Steam Greenlight on Monday morning and have already made it into the top 100 Greenlight games list on the first day, in fact we are already considered as the 40th best game on Greenlight! We have received well over 2000 ‘YES’ votes and still going strong! If you haven’t had a chance to vote for us yet, please come on over to our Steam Greenlight page and take a look.


Kickstarter Ahoy!

All of our hard work and preparation is paying off on Steam, so now it’s time to focus on the Kickstarter campaign which went live at 5:00 PM CET today. If you’ve played the Alpha Demo (there is a new version, go and grab it! Lots of changes and new features!), you know we have already made a pretty great game that, despite its young age, is already on par with many other games in the genre, but we can take it so much further with your help.

Please come by the Kickstarter page and lend us your support so we can take the development to the next level and build a game we can all be proud of. We have support tiers to fit any budget and we have some awesome Early Bird specials, but they are very limited in quantities, so pop by soon to get the best deals. There are lots of fun achievements to earn as well that will help us hit our stretch goals.

We are all geared up and ready for the next challenge and we thank you all for your love and support. We hope to see and hear from you all very soon.



It’s Learning at a Geometric Rate!

One of our Kickstarter stretch goals will be to upgrade the Artificial Intelligence with something called ‘Machine Learning’. We’ve promised one of, if not THE most advanced A.I. systems to date in a game, and that is still our goal, but if we hit our stretch goals we will be able to go a step further.

Machine Learning is a very complex type of A.I. learning. To the best of our knowledge it has never been done before in a game. It is primarily used to manage complex systems, recognize patterns, and adapt itself to changing conditions.

What that means for Project Automata is that the A.I. would take in information from each of your play sessions then analyze and utilize that information to make better decisions about where to place buildings or which bills to enact for the next play session. The more you play the smarter it gets. This will make for a truly unique and adaptive gaming experience unlike anything previously seen in the industry. Of course, we promise not to hook it up to any nuclear arsenals or robot factories. That would be bad.

Checkout the YouTube replay of our last Twitch Livestream where our founder and lead programmer discuss Machine Learning and how it will work with the game.

Talk to us

We look forward to seeing you all on Steam and Kickstarter soon and we also look forward to your comments and suggestions. If you see something that you just don’t think will work or that you would love to see implemented, please tell us. Compliments are great for our egos, but we love criticism as well. It helps us to become better people and, more importantly, to make a super awesome video game.

Thanks to all of our fans and soon-soon-to-be backers for all your support and love.

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