Almost there!

Hello again fellow industrialists! We are so close to our Kickstarter campaign! We are all busy little bees over here getting everything ready. There are so many details to put together and we are hoping it all pays off. October 1st is right around the corner folks, so mark your calendars!

If you’ve played the free Alpha Demo, you know we have a pretty amazing game already. The structure is there and it is quite fun and playable already. With your support we can and will make it so much better. We are already starting the next stage of development and we can’t wait for you all to see what we have in store for the game!

New Art

We have a several new concept art pieces to show you. Our artists have been hard at work getting some of this ready to show off for the Kickstarter campaign and it is beautiful.


WIP Coal Gatherer


These will be all new models with higher polygon counts than ever before, so they will be slick and gorgeous. Some of these models will come in the first full Alpha build, but will most likely not make an appearance in the Alpha Demo. We love how far the demo has come, but now it’s time to get busy on the full game.


WIP Textile Factory

Coming soon

There is so much to look forward to in Project Automata and we want everyone to know how great the game can be once we get the Kickstarter funding. Here are just a few of the many features we have planned for the next phases of development:

  • Advanced A.I. developed for towns and cities, making for an intelligent and challenging game world
  • Beautiful hand crafted visuals designed to emulate the art styles of the early 20th century
  • Story driven campaign and scenarios
  • Transportation networks including trains, conveyor belts, even airships!
  • Industrial parks that can produce goods on a massive scale
  • So much more!

We have so little to do and so much time… scratch that, reverse it. Wow, we better get started!

Bug Squishing

With all this talk about new stuff, some of you might be wondering – What about the Alpha Demo? Well dear friends, we are still plugging away and squishing the bugs. Eventually development will shift to the full Alpha version, but for now we are still fixing and adding to the free demo. Here are a few of the changes we made recently:

  • Can now choose how many trucks each building has (except gatherers, which have the advantage of having 3 destinations, for now).
  • Trucks now have upkeep costs, so don’t go crazy!
  • If trying to place a gatherer (hub or harvester) on top of a resource, we added the error to “Must be built next to the wanted resource”.
  • Fixed buildings not lining up correctly with roads.
  • Increased the max number of towns on the large map to 7 and doubled the distance they can be from each other.
  • Fixed the game not running smoothly in the background in both full-screen and windowed modes.
  • Economy changes.
  • Mac and Linux builds!
  • Many more!

As usual, grab the demo here. We added a mirror only if main server fails.

Kick it up!

We are looking forward to the next phase of development. With your help and a little luck, our Kickstarter campaign will be a huge success; then we can really dig our heels in and make this the game we all want to play.

Thanks to all of our fans and soon-soon-to-be backers for all your support and love. 

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