Winds of change

Hello fellow Industrialists! So, we’ve had a couple of blog posts about the new Alpha Demo and the future of Project Automata recently, but as always, the winds of change are blowing and we have lots more to share. We hope you’ve all had a chance to play the demo and are as excited as we are for the future of the game. If not, please download it and give it a try. It’s free and we think you will love it.

So, this time around we will be talking about upcoming changes and other awesome new stuff lurking on the horizon.

Share Your Images

One of the things we are excited to implement is Screenshot Saturday where we invite everyone to post pics of their amazing, funny, or just-plain-crazy layouts and creations. We will have a special category on the forums just for this purpose.


Upcoming Game Changes

You’ve played the Alpha Demo and you have told us what you love and what needs a little work. We want you to know that we heard you and we are all over it. Many new fixes and changes are on the way and here are just a few:

  • The economy changed slightly. Prices are different depending on if you are purchasing or selling. In addition, building price, rent, and upkeep will increase as you place more harvesters and fields.
  • Day length is extended and the prices for products are lower.
  • A new bulldoze and placement behavior is implemented along with better user feedback.
  • Implemented a super crisp, easier-to-read, font.
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been changed by adding the ability to use the spacebar to pause. Also 1, 2, and 3 keys are used for changing the game speed.
  • Building names are changeable which will help players keep track of their growing industrial sprawl.
  • More music tracks!
  • Buildings now have fences, so players can more easily tell where roads can be built.
  • Performance fixes. Reduced map loading time and fixed the trucks lagging after 20 minutes.
  • Alt-clicking on a truck or vehicle will bind the camera to it, so players can watch the delivery of goods more closely.

We are also revamping the tooltips to be more helpful. We especially want players to know what a building does before they place it.

Check out the replay of our latest Twitch Livestream on YouTube where our Founder and Lead Developer, Alex Mochi, talks about many of these changes. Keep your eye on our social media streams for upcoming Livestream details and don’t forget that our Kickstarter campaign is coming on October 1st. Come and help us take Project Automata to the next level!

That’s it for the latest update. We hope you are excited about the new changes coming soon. Please keep giving us great feedback and we will keep improving the game. Until next time… keep building!

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