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Hello fellow Industrialists and welcome to another exciting blog update! The last few weeks have been very exciting for us here at Dapper Penguin Studios. The team worked hard to finish the Alpha Demo and we are super proud the game so far. We have had some great feedback from the fans and the media as well, but we are not satisfied by any means; this is just the beginning! We have lots of interesting stuff planned for the near future.


“For a very early look at the game, I think Project Automata has a lot of promise” – Clemmy Games

“If the project will go on and the devs realize their plans, Project Automata will be the best tycoon game since 1994 when TTD was released!” – AttarCaldero


As we ramp up into the next stage of development, we thought you might like a little taste of what our mad scientists are cooking up in the Project Automata laboratory.


Beauty in Polygons

The Alpha Demo gave you all a peek at the core mechanics of the game and some new visual features that hadn’t been present until now. We saw new trees and rocks, new truck models, and of course, the beautiful new water shader. It is very pretty now and it’s just going to keep getting better. Our artists have been busy developing a beautiful and stylistic vision of the early 20th century and we can’t wait to bring more of that into the game. We are planning to increase the polygon count significantly as well as bringing in new art assets that will truly represent our distinct art style.

Screenshot from Alpha Demo


Giant Robots!

Made you look! Okay, so no giant robots, but we do have a lot planned for the A.I.. The Alpha Demo showed only the bare-bones version. The next stage of development will really bring towns and the world around them to life. In the full game, towns will grow as time goes by. They will make decisions, enact bills, and build factories. Their needs will change as they grow which adds a whole new level of complexity to the game strategy. Anyway, once we get that down, it will be time to unleash it on the world of Project Automata!



All of this good stuff and more is headed your way soon, but we are going to need some help getting there. Our team needs to pay their rent; and stock up on ramen noodles and Mt. Dew. Plus, the A.I. is demanding a monetary tribute before it will agree to allow all us puny humans to continue living. Silly A.I., always kidding around…

We kinda like being alive and we are pretty sure you all do too, so please come visit our Kickstarter page when we launch on October 1st. Lots of wonderful goodies await and the early birds will get the very best of the rewards. Hope to see you there!

That’s it for this blog post. We hope you are as excited about the upcoming changes as we are. Until next time… keep building!

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In the next Unearthed we will reveal more game mechanics and art changes coming in future builds.


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