Announcing the Alpha Demo – Now Public!

Updated (1st September): The Project Automata Alpha is now publically available to everyone!
Updated (23rd September): Analytics are now included to analyse player actions and to perfect the balance of future patches!
Updated (1st October): Final version of the demo online!

MEGA UPDATE: do not download this version, as it’s the old one. Get the new one here:

Hello again fellow industrialists! This time we will be talking about the Alpha Demo that is now available for all of you who are subscribed to our Newsletter to download and enjoy. We are super excited about the release and we want to share some information about the development process and how that looks going forward.

Current Features

Project Automata is still a long way off completion and while there is still a long road ahead of us, we’ve put a considerable amount of time, effort and money into our game. What we’re launching today is certainly the first of many, many iterations, but we’re working hard to make Project Automata the very best Industrial Simulator available. For those of you who played our Closed Technical Demonstration you’ll likely see some drastic improvements in gameplay and design in this new version.

Here is what you can look forward to in the Alpha;

  • UPDATED: Resource Gathering System (Read More)
  • UPDATED: Factories & Production (Read More)
  • UPDATED: Towns & Town Trading (Read More)
  • UPDATED: User Interface
  • NEW: Tutorial System
  • NEW: Buildings, Models & Animations
  • NEW: Alert System
  • NEW: Currency System
  • NEW: Time Controls
  • and much more …

Please remember; This is an Alpha version and your feedback and support is invaluable to the future development of Project Automata!

Found a Bug / Problem?

As with all Alpha builds of any product, Project Automata has a few known issues and we want to let you know these are currently being worked on as we speak. However should you encounter any issues with the game, please do let us know so we can fix them and get an updated version of the game out for you to playtest!

You report the issues, please head to our Bug Report Forum. Make sure to read up on How to Report a Bug.

If you’re having problems with the download, or experiencing issues not related to the game, then please do Contact Us.

Download Now

The Project Automata Alpha is now publically available to play, for anyone! Enjoy Industrialist!

Latest Build & Update: v0.4.4.5 (1st October)

Some users reported that a SmartScreen alert appears stating that the game isn’t certified.

Simply dismiss it, it’s just Microsoft being over-protective. We promise it’s virus-free!

For Mac and Linux, please note that we are not officially supporting it.

Users reported some issues with Intel chipsets.

Keep your eyes peeled!


Remember to spread the word!

As a reminder, we are firing up the Kickstarter Campaign on October 1st and we are counting on our awesome fans and community to make it a huge success. Through your generous pledges to our campaign, you’ll earn yourself some exclusive rewards, some amazing memorabilia and a part in the hearts and minds of our development team!

While we get closer to the date, and we begin to finalise everything, it’s vital you keep your eye on the prize, as there are some special ‘Early Bird Specials’ available, only for those that can get their hands on them first though!We are working out the details and rewards for all backers, but early birds will get the best stuff! Keep your eyes peeled for more details coming soon.

Thank you to everyone, whether you’re a long-term fan, or a newcomer, your dedication and commitment to Project Automata continues to drive us to bigger and better things, and your support in helping raise awareness, spreading the word and pledging to our upcoming Kickstarter is something we’ll be eternally grateful for.

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  1. xxXFlyingCowxxx says:

    i love project automata

  2. i love P.A
    its the best game ever

  3. Earl Patterson says:

    Hope you will add this game to Steam one day

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