Unearthed #7: Improved Factories

Hello fellow Industrialists and welcome to another exciting installment of Unearthed! When last we met, we talked about the changes to the gatherers and the trade interface. As promised, this time we will be discussing factories and the improvements we have made to them since the tech demo.

Thanks to your extremely valuable input, we were able to implement some fantastic changes to factories. Let’s take a look at some of those now.

What’s a Factory?

A factory is a building that takes in raw resources or components from other factories and turns them into valuable commodities. In Project Automata, factories use a recipe system to create different goods. The type of factory you build determines the available recipes. Simple!

Just like cooking at home, recipes require ingredients. In this case, the ‘ingredients’ are the resources and components that you want to combine to create a certain product. For example: The Brewery & Distillery factory takes in Grapes (a raw resource) from an Orchard and Bottles (a component) from a Glassworks & Smelter factory, and combines them to complete the Wine recipe.

That’s the basics of factories, but it doesn’t seem much different than they were before, so how did we change them? Well dear friends allow me to explain.

Some of the new production buildings

What’s New?

Originally we only had one factory type. Now we have several different types that you can build depending on what products you wish to make. Each factory has it’s own set of recipes. Here is a breakdown of those options as they look currently.

  • Brewery & Distillery – Wine, Beer, Etc.
  • Food Factory – Juice, Bread, Etc.
  • Chemical Factory – Rubber, Plastic, Etc.
  • Glassworks & Smelter – Steel, Glass, Etc.
  • Plus many more, coming soon!

How do I build them?

Factories are built the same as before, by placing them in a location that suits your production needs. There are a few key differences however.

  • Factories must be connected via road to other factories, towns, and resource gatherers. They will no longer be connected via conveyor belts.
  • Farms and other gatherers can now ship their goods directly to factories to produce more advanced goods or directly to towns to make a quick profit.
  • Factories can now ship their products directly to nearby towns as well.

 How Do I Use Them?

Now that you have a factory built, you have to tell it what you want it to produce. As mentioned above, each factory will have several recipes to choose from. When you first build the factory it will be inactive. To activate it, simply click on the factory and choose a recipe from the menu options. As long as the factory is connected to a road and has access to the resources and components the recipe requires, the factory will begin to produce the product specified by the recipe.

New factory panels

Next Time…

As you know fellow industrialists, food is a very important commodity. It’s also a basic ingredient for many factory recipes. So, next time we will share some details about Farms and how they will work in the game.

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