Following today’s maintenance you’ve probably noticed we’ve made a couple of changes to the website. I wanted to take just a moment to explain some information about the new website, and some of the upcoming features that we’ll be bringing to the community.

Why the re-design?

Project Automata has a very strong and unique visual design that’s being worked on, and while the old site served a purpose, the new design suits the overall theme and design of the game. Aligning the game and website was a pretty big task, but thanks to our very talented Art Team, we were able to make sure our community is going to experience a fairly smooth transition in feel and vibe between all of our content, be it here on the website, and in-game.

What new features are there?

Making a new website gave us the chance to build in some new features that’ll help us, and you the player, build a strong and social community where we can come together and share our passion for Project Automata. As such, we’ve added a handful of new features that were not present on the old website:

  • Personalised Account System, featuring;
    • User Avatars
    • User Cover Pages
    • User Signatures
  • Social Media Integration
  • Forums & Discussion Boards
  • Improved Comment System
  • and much more …


While some of these features and services will not be available or fully operational immediately upon the launch, we’re going to very carefully monitor the website, as well as your feedback, and slowly unlock more features over the coming weeks and months. This is so we can carefully gauge the needs and desires of our community with these new features, as well as ensure the website runs as smoothly as possible.

Mobile friendly you say?

That’s right! Whether you’re viewing it on a Desktop, Phone or Tablet the Project Automata website should operate perfectly on all devices. As Mobile is an ever growing means of communication, we wanted to make sure that you, our wonderful community, had the capability to keep up to date with the latest news and information, as well as discuss and chat with all your peers.

Faults & Bugs?

Try as we might, no project is ever without teething problems or faults that we just didn’t notice during production and testing. I’ll personally be on hand to deal with any issues that arise with the website, but should you notice anything not working, a link that doesn’t lead to anywhere, or maybe a page is loading too slowly, or something isn’t functioning, the best thing to do is report it to us by using the contact page.

I would like to personally thank everyone on the Project Automata team who has worked so hard to help us create a wonderful website, and we hope you enjoy the new design and features to come.

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