It’s a new week, so here’s another page in the book of memories!


Builders building

Construction A.I.

We’ve just remembered it’s the 21st century and .gifs are a thing! Here’s an animation of the placeholder construction trucks building a new road. While moving about they dodge trees and attempt to stay on the existing roads when possible.

Larger towns

Larger towns

We were getting tired of those ugly placeholder buildings, so we got new ones while waiting for the final houses come out of the oven. Note how in the center of town is a shopping mall, and there are now many more houses in the town.


22 - basic production

Construction sites

Buildings now properly follow the laws of nature and no longer materialize out of thin air! Once you you place a new construction in the world trucks start bringing over the required resources from nearby warehouses. Once there’s enough material so start work builders are dispatched to finish the job.

Basic production and trade

Town trading

With the basic gathering and production pipeline now implemented, you can now connect towns to the road system and start trading with them! Ten units of wood for ten gallons of oil in this case. Seems fair to me!

Delivering resources

Delivery to your door?

Now that everything is being transported all over the place, it was time to give a little bit of love to how the vehicles and resources are represented in the game. Everyone is driving on the right hand side of the road, and you can see boxes of products piling up when dropped off where they are needed.

Snapping buildings

Grid snapping buildings

Now when placing new buildings the game is intelligent enough to know which direction they should face, allowing them to snap automatically to existing roads.
That is all for this week! With all the images posted here I have shown several months worth of development time so ‘The Book of Memories’ updates will slow down quite a bit from now on.  But don’t worry, we’ll still be posting other stuff, like explaining the various mechanics of the game. I’m sure that’s what you’re really interested in anyways.

As always, stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the game! Thank you.

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