Another day has come where we get to reveal some more about how the game’s engine has grown. Isn’t working a great way to spend St. Valentine’s day?

Let me start directly with an image that I forgot to include in last week’s post. This is quite an important one…

Resource generation

Tasty resources

It would be quite difficult to have a resource management game without resources, so here they are in all their glory.

Tokyo drifting

Tokyo drift

The pathfinder algorithms actually think this is the most efficient route from A to B. Watching the trucks drive down this road is exciting, although not always the best means. We’re still working on a few of the issues.

Chunk loading

Divide & Conquer

For some reason several smaller maps use much less memory than one large map, so now the world is divided into 32 x 32 chunks. This has had a huge benefit on the performance!

Roads now follow slopes

Handbrakes at the ready

While this one took a while, it’s definitely worth it. Now those pesky roads can actually climb hills, and this can lead to a whole host of new road systems.

Enormous map with lots of cities and proper aesthetics

The world expands

As the aesthetics are getting pinned down, the map continues to grow. In this image you can see the new forests and lakes I’ve added. Look at all those towns!

19 - HQ and builders operational

Contractors constructing complex contraptions!

Our Artificial Intelligence system now knows how to build! Here they are laying the roads for a new industrial park. It’s a huge leap forward for the game.

Messed up roads

That’s not quite right …

I’m ending this blog post with this image. Despite being quite hilarious to see, believe me when I say it was not fun to fix. Something totally broke the connection system for roads, and they started spawning in weird shapes…

As always, stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the game! Thank you.


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