Another week, another yet another update!

We keep on implementing new things, so I feel confident we soon can show something more to the public. Maybe a week or two more. Hang in there!

Meanwhile, here is a second part of the Book of Memories, where I show how the engine has grown over the initial phases of development.

Testing our huge maps!

Huge Maps!

Not satisfied with how small the maps were, it is time to push our ‘World Generator’ to its limits. 512 x 512 maps, impressive stuff!

Cities have spawned

Crude Towns …

Well, here they are. Random towns now appear on the map, with rudimentary road placement Of course, this is just a first glance. There isn’t exactly much real estate for your population to live in.

Cities growing

City growth

Testing our new ‘City Growth’ scripts, you can see the sprawling towns grow in size. Those rushed placeholders do look horrible, though…

Specific Textures & Biomes

Conditional Textures

Now that we’re happy with how the towns behave, can focus again on the ‘World Generator’. All cliffs now have dirt on them to better represent height differences, and other more natural features that help the world feel more realistic and alive.

Road pathing failing

It’s not always so easy …

Whoops! Roads are stupid, they fail to recognise their neighbours and face them properly. It’s not always smooth sailing when it comes to game development.

Getting close to wanted aesthetics

Would you look at that!

Smoothed textures and terrain fail to give the nostalgia factor. Time to re-write again the way the world mesh is generated, this time with sharp edges. Looking good though!

Getting very close to wanted aesthetics

That’s better …

Dirt cliffs sadly do not work with the new aesthetics, so they were removed, however the overall aesthetics of the game are getting much closer to the desired goal!

As always, stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the game! Thank you.


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