Book of Memories: Part #1

Ever since the first line of code, I have taken a huge amount of screenshots. This way I can keep track of how the engine grows over time.

Here I’ll show the first steps:

Tilemap Generation

It’s alive!

The engine is created, using one GameObject for each tile. Extremely inefficient, slow and just bad practice, but it’s a start! Huge maps with 2 different “biomes” have been spawned.

River Generation

We, Have, Rivers!

Nothing amazing, but rivers now cross the environment. Random tree sprites added to not have incredibly dull maps.

Hill Generation & Elevation

The hills are alive…

Now the map works on different levels. Ramps and slopes are super buggy, but hills are finally in the game, even if they are exceptionally crude!

Intense Biomes

Biome Generation v1.0

They are not actually biomes, we’re just testing how sprites adapt at different height of the map. But they do look cool, and it gives us something to work towards!

Unity Terrain

Unity Terrain System

Individual GameObjects for each tiles was a huge mistake. Time to start again by using Unity’s Terrain Editor. Looks very ugly with those blended textures, but it’s a much more developer friendly means of creating our game world.

More Biomes

Biomes galore!

Let’s forget about elevation for the time being, as we need to focus on perlin noise! Beautifully created lakes and scattered over the map thanks to a new means of biome generation. Looks like the map is really starting to come along.

As always, stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the game! Thank you.

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